DMA Workshops

DMA Workshops

There are some excellent workshops at the end of this month by DMA students Chris Madden, Patrick Lahan, and Ivan Hurd. The workshops will cover a variety of practical topics such as artistic pedaling, student motivation, and performance anxiety. There will also be sessions on both the familiar and unfamiliar teaching repertoire of Bach, Bartok, Bernstein, Debussy, Mompou, and Prokofiev. All workshops will take place in the Cattlet Music Center (room 008 or 009). Copy and past the text below in your browser to view more details: file:///Users/jenniferstadler/Downloads/DMA%20Workshops/DMA%20Workshops.html

Friday, April 22nd

9:30am Techniques to Achieve Artistic Pedaling

11:00am Selected Repertoire for One Hand Alone

11:00am Mikrokosmos and Bartok’s Pianistic Idiom

1:15pm Preparing Students for the Music of Debussy

2:45pm Performance Anxiety: Who Has It and How Do They Manage It?

2:45pm The Other Album for the Young: Prokofiev’s Music for Children, Op. 65

Friday, April 29th

9:30am Baby Boomers: An Increasing Segment of Your Studio

11:00am Birds and Insects: Seymour Bernstein’s Character Pieces

11:00am Motivating the 21st Century Piano Student: Why Stickers, Charts, and Prizes Can Backfire

1:15pm Teaching Bach’s Two-Part Inventions

2:45pm A Survey of Frederico Mompou’s Solo Piano Works

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