The OU School of Music Collegiate Chapter will oversee both student applications and donor submissions. Pianos will be examined for suitability and, as they become available, will be matched with appropriate families. Guidelines for matching pianos will be based upon application materials, availability of pianos, logistics, and cost considerations. Once families have been matched with a piano, it will be the new owner’s responsibility to move the piano to its new location. If the piano is no longer needed by the family, it is the expectation of the program that the piano would be re-donated. 

Three items will be needed to complete an application to Piano Matchmaker:

  1. Application Form
    • This can be completed by the student or parent.
  2. Student Essay
    • This must be completed by the student.
    • In cases of young children, parent assistance is allowed.
    • For a family with more than one piano student, please include an essay by each student.
  3. Teacher Recommendation Letter
    • The teacher must e-mail the recommendation directly to
    • For a family with more than one piano student, please include one letter per student.
    • The recommendation letter must include the following to qualify:
      • Student name
      • Teacher name, phone number, and email address
      • Length they have taught the student
      • Why they believe the student will benefit from this service.
      • Thoughts on the student’s desire to learn piano, dedication, attitude, family situation, etc.


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